Facility Compliance & Safety Case Studies

USEPA Storm Water Initiative

BMS completed management and implementation of third party storm water compliance audits for a large industrial concern at 33 US facilities across the US. Auditing was requested by client counsel to address a Consent Order issued in conjunction with USEPA Storm water Initiative. Draft reports were provided to client through a secure, web-based reporting system within 45 days of project initiation.

Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP)

BMS completed ICPs at nine operating facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin owned by an International mining business. Regulatory programs which were addressed in the plan include the Oil Pollution Prevention regulation, and RCRA Contingency Requirements, OSHA Emergency Action and EPA’s Risk Management regulation. The storm water plan served as the primary response tool in creation of the ICP.

Landfill Regulations

BMS managed regulatory requirements of two closed International Paper landfills in Pennsylvania. Applicable compliance items included water quality monitoring, leachate treatment and transportation permitting, NPDES permitting, PPC Plans, and wetland monitoring. Routinely interfaced with regulators to bring landfills into compliance. Successfully convinced regulators to reduce monitoring requirements, based on assessment of historic groundwater data.

Automotive Industry Supplier Compliance Audit

BMS completed comprehensive audit of facility in Warren, Ohio. Audit included review of applicable Federal and state environmental regulations, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, air emissions, waste-water, chemical handling and storage tank management. The audit included an evaluation of compliance with local regulations.