Remedial Action Case Studies

Brownfield Site Closure - Cincinnati, OhiO

Cincinatti Ohio Brownfield Closure.jpg

This site was formerly used as an ink manufacturing and packaging facility.  The facility had been the subject of enforcement actions for violations of various environmental laws and was eventually closed. Following entry into the OVAP, Mr. Hackett conducted Phase I and Phase II Brownfield Assessments of the facilities including soil, ground water, and asbestos conditions within the buildings. Mr. Hackett of BMS LLC conducted oversight of all activities to ensure that the assessment work was conducted in accordance with the Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program.

Groundwater results revealed that chlorinated solvents found in groundwater were not consistent with historical site operations. Mr. Hackett demonstrated to the satisfaction of OEPA during that an adjacent property was the source of these constituents. Following completion of the Human Health Risk Assessment, BMS LLC submitted NFA documents in pursuit of closure.

Ohio VAP Brownfield Closure

BMS achieved closure of regulatory issues at an active telecommunication site, at the request of new corporate management. The facility is a regional service center and telecommunications hub, located in a high growth area of Cleveland, Ohio. This facility had been the subject of several environmental investigations over the previous 15 years to assess impacts from former fueling stations and the former dry cleaning facility. Historic investigations had uncovered hydrocarbon and chlorinated DNAPL sources, resulting in groundwater plumes for benzene and chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs).

BMS LLC sought a cost effective solution which would minimize disruption at this active site. BMS LLC proposed to achieve regulatory closure by:

  1. Completing remediation and closure reporting to Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR);
  2. Entering the site into the Ohio Brownfield Voluntary Action Program (OVAP)
  3. Completing investigative activities consistent with Ohio VAP protocol
  4. Demonstrating through risk assessment activities, use of institutional controls and by utilizing the existing Urban Setting Designation for groundwater, that the Site was eligible for a Covenant-Not-To-Sue (CNTS) from the State of Ohio.

Mr. Hackett prepared numerous documents in support of the above activities, including a OVAP Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Phase II ESA, and Risk Assessment for current and future site users. BMS LLC was able to eliminate the environmental liability for the pre-existing contamination and save the client an estimated $200,000 of remediation expenses at the DNAPL source area. The VAP No Further Action (NFA) document and CNTS were approved in March of 2010.